ZABAR LAW is a multi-service law firm catering to clients domestically as well as in the international scape.

We take pride in providing efficacious and timely assistance that combines professional and technical expertise to people seeking legal recourse, with assured prospects of success thanks to our long-drawn proficiency and fine command over the legal framework within Pakistan. Our objective, as it stands since the beginning, is to seek best interests of our clients by providing them consistent and excellent direction owed to our legal savvy.

With our principal office based in Karachi and branch offices in Islamabad & Lahore, we’re easily accessible and approachable being established in the major business and commercial hubs of Pakistan.

We have come a long way for over 24 years of unmatched excellence in successful litigation and quality advisory in the fields including but not limited to intellectual property, corporate, commercial and civil law. Having substantial on-the-ground expertise, ZABAR LAW has extensive experience of complex litigation and can be relied on with total confidence.

Our Services

Legal Advisory

We provide effective and timely assistance to people seeking legal redress for any sort of breaches or grievances occurred to them. Our team of legal experts possessing the required sophistication is here to help with solutions to your legal reservations on their fingertips.

IP Registration & Prosecution

We specialize in matters concerned with creating Intellectual Property rights and cautiously protecting them. Along with providing secure and trusted professional services for Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents registration, we also provide assistance to confront and oppose any infringing registrations by others detrimental to your IP rights.


Measures to restore the integrity of your rights are taken at every stage and forum essential for the cause of justice. Our team of accomplished professionals boasts a recorded history of competent litigation in all major courts as well as dedicated tribunals of Pakistan.

Brand Protection & Enforcement

We’re keen to act as alert & cautious watchdogs looking out for any possible infringements of your IP rights. We take personal measures to discover & locate any possible infringements, tracing their source and the perpetrators. Once identified, any such attempts to infringe rights of our clients are reported firmly to the authorities which are then severely addressed at every forum.

Legal Documentation Services in Pakistan

  • Affidavits and Powers of Attorney
  • Contract and Agreement Drafting
  • Legal Notices
  • Notarization and Attestations
  • Succession Certificates
  • Translations of Legal/Official Documents

Legal & Strategic Opinions

  • Banking and Services Laws
  • Child Custody, Adoption and Guardianship
  • Court Marriage Laws of Pakistan
  • Cyber Crime Laws
  • Debt Collection Laws in Pakistan
  • Inheritance and Succession
  • Labour and Employment Laws
  • Family Laws
  • Property and Real Estate
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